About Matthew

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Photo by Seth Bartschi

Matthew Vezey discovered his passion for music when he began playing the trombone in his middle school band. Despite initially learning how to play the trombone upside down (a small setback which was quickly fixed by his band director at the time) he continued to pursue his passion for music. Throughout his high school career, he performed with several regional and all-state ensembles as well as the Bands of America Honor Band and the U.S. Army All American Marching Band.


Matthew earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in Instrumental Music Education from Arizona State University where he studied trombone with Ralph Sauer and Douglas Yeo. While studying at ASU he performed two solo recitals and performed with several university ensembles gaining experience in multiple musical genres: orchestral, wind band, chamber, musical theatre, jazz, and even Javanese Gamelan! Matthew is currently pursuing a master's degree in music performance at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he studies trombone with Stephen Lange. 


Prior to beginning his graduate studies Matthew taught courses in band, choir, guitar, and music technology at Agua Fria High School and Carl Hayden Community High School. Originally from Phoenix, Matthew has performed throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area with local symphony orchestras, pit orchestras, chamber ensembles, churches, big bands, combos, and Latin dance bands. He has regularly performed with groups such as the Phoenix Brass Collective, Symphony of the Southwest, MusicaNova Orchestra, Arizona Broadway Theatre, Black Theatre Troupe, BOOM! Percussion, The Village Blasting Club, and the Superstition Jazz Orchestra. He loves spicy food, listening to live music, hiking, photography, and of course performing and teaching music!